ICRJustice Center

The ICRJustice Center is duly registered as a non-profit based in upmarket Beverley, Sandton, with presence in 5 continents.

The establishment of the Center was largely prompted by the fact that, currently, the majority of the cases and situations before the International Criminal Court (ICC), emanate basically from Africa. The impetus to act now becomes an irresistible inference. Our Founder Director & Chairman, Prof Dr. Milton, PhD, has effectively articulated the preceding viewpoint at IccForum 1   and  IccForum 2 .


Goals of the Center

(a) To establish the first ever permanent training facility for international criminal Law, for capacity building, to conduct short-term programmes, workshops, online virtual programmes, refresher programmes and to convene regular colloquium sessions for political and administrative leaders, heads of state, investigators, the judiciary, state and private counsel, etc. These are designed in a bid to support the policy of “positive complementarity”, empowering states to own the international criminal justice process by investigating and prosecuting core crimes within their own national jurisdictions;
(b) to promote awareness and education among the populace, by holding regular expert panel discourse, publishing educational and advocacy materials e.g. Magazine, online courses, on international criminal justice. Further, to collaborate with international civil society on the role of international criminal justice in promoting a stable and peaceful world. Notably, to promote universal acceptance and ratification of the Rome Statute, seeking to deter the commission of egregious and heinous international crimes against innocent civilians and to condemn impunity generally, and thus help to restore the rule of law in traumatized communities.
(c) to support the activities aimed at supporting the victims in traumatized communities, as well as, the protection of potential and actual witnesses of heinous international crimes.
(d)  to raise funds for purposes of advancing the preceding objects of the organization.


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