Founder Director | Prof. Dr. Adv Milton, PhD
Prof. Dr Advocate MiltonPhD, is the Founder Director, Chairman & CEO of Center for International Criminal Justice (Africa). He is an all-round society conscious doctorate international criminal lawyer by profession. He pursued the prestigious New York State Law Exams. Prof Dr Adv Milton is on high demand worldwide, mostly in the USA (New York, Phoenix, Los Angeles), for high profile pro bono legal consultancy – He undertook high profile legal expert consultancy at Goldwater Institute, Phoenix, Arizona, USA, on the “US Attorney-General’s Department of Justice policy on Cy Pres doctrine in US Federal Courts”. Prof Dr Adv Milton is an active member of the International Law Association (ILA) in good standing. He is an advocate of over 25 years standing having been admitted and ‘called to the Bar’ to practice as an Advocate in 1995. He belongs to the legal academia. Prof Dr Adv Milton holds a PhD in International Criminal Law. Prof Dr Advocate Milton was Founder owner of the first ever accredited private university college law school in Botswana. He alone designed the first ever accredited law program in Botswana. he has taught and produced many lawyers who have graduated with Bachelor of Laws degree on External Program of the University of London.
He has published widely within the realm of legal academia. One of his outstanding publications is a Handbook on the Constitution of Botswana: Questions and Facts” (ISBN 99912-0-418-0), which is a recommended text book for reference in schools and universities. His other authoritative work is Botswana and the 1982 Law of the Sea Convention: Legal and institutional framework for land-locked state-party (ISBN: 9783668725355). Dr Milton has published an authoritative work on US federal law entitled United States Department of Justice policy on cy pres doctrine applicable to the federal courts of the United States of America (ISBN: 9783668720480). Dr Adv Milton’s PhD doctoral research entitled The International Criminal Court and Positive Complementarity: Legal and institutional framework makes far reaching recommendations for the restructuring and reform of the Assembly of States Parties of the International Criminal Court (ISBN: 9783668770652). His academic works have been published in reputable peer-reviewed International Criminal Law journals, such as Human Rights and International Criminal Law Journal, and include the following works: “Africa and the Concept of Positive Complementarity” and The International Criminal Court and Positive Complementarity – ASP Institutional Framework”.