Prof Dr. Milton Owuor| Founder Director| Chair of Expert Professorial Discourse Panel, composed of professors of law globally. The Panel members regularly deliberate on contemporary intellectual and academic issues on international law, as well as deliver law training lectures| He lectures in international criminal law, international law, international human rights law and constitutional law.  He is responsible for global executive policy decisions, and training strategies of ICR Justice Center| Member of International Law Association (ILA)|. He holds a doctorate in international criminal law| His doctoral/PhD thesis examined the international criminal court and positive complementarity: legal and institutional framework 

Prof Dr. Rama Devi Gudemela, PhD| Professor of International Law| Member, Child Welfare Committee, RLD, Telangana| |. She is a member of the Expert Professorial Panel. She has published widely, and lectured in International Law for over 11 years.
Dr. Giovanni Marotta| Director, International Programs (America & Europe) Based in The Hague, Netherlands) and Spain| Consultant at American Bar Association (ABA) | International Legal Counsel with proven success in developing innovative, highly measurable legal strategies in clients’ favor in the different areas of legal expertise. Adept at consistently improving legal research through content international case law, doctrine, the rule of law, and an unswerving focus on leading legal’s edge strategies. Astute understanding of the different mechanisms of international treaties concerning domestic statutes, favoring the client’s interest during a dispute resolution case. Expert in, and published on, International Criminal Law, Private International Law, International Parental Child Abduction, Human Rights, International Dispute Resolutions, Ethics and Compliance.
Prof Dr Dwarakanath Sripathi, PhD| Director, International Programs (Asia)| Professor of International law with experience of over 30 years, at Symbiosis International University and other universities. Formerly, Law Dean, Principal and HOD. He has published widely, and presented innumerable conference papers in international law.
Counsel Manreet Kaur| Assistant to Counsel (Defence and Victims) at International Criminal Court, The Hague. Criminal and Human Rights Lawyer | Actively practising Advocate at Supreme Court of India | Panelist of the Expert Professorial Discourse.
Prof Dr. Kwame Frimpong, JSD (Yale)| Professor of Law of over 30 years| Founding Law Dean, GIMPA (2010-2012), Formerly, Dean, Social sciences & HOD Department of Law, University of Botswana | Panelist of the Expert Professorial Panel | He has published widely.

Prof Dr. Alessandra Lanciotti, PhD | Professor & Chair of International Law, University of Perugia, Italy, with over 25 years’ experience| Expert Professorial Panelist | Prof. Lanciotti was Italian delegate at the 1998 Rome Conference for an International Criminal Court.

Prof Dr. Maria Mercedes Pisani, PhD | Professor of International Law, with over 20 years’ experience| Expert Professorial Panelist | Private practitioner, Italy| Counsel at International Criminal Court (The Hague & Italy)| Prof. Pisani was one of the delegates who participated in the 1998 Rome Conference for the Establishment of an International Criminal Court.

Bryan K. Ramaphane| Member of Expert Professorial Panel Discourse, ICRJ. He is a renown practicing Attorney in private practice in Botswana.